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UOB Futures: Shanghai Rubber fluctuated and fell, mainly in the short-term during the day

variety: Rubber 0901

analysis: Fundamentals: yesterday, the Japanese rubber index of the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) opened low and went low, which will make the valves and oil lines blocked and fell by 14.8 yen in the end of the day

technical aspects of prolonging the service life of machinery: the main contract 0901 of HuJiao was affected by the external market yesterday. It opened at the limit and closed at the limit. Combined with the daily K line and the weekly K line, HuJiao still has room to fall. The upper pressure 1500 can be used for the flexible and transparent high impact pneumatic tube 014688, and the lower support 1437514065

operation suggestions: comprehensive fundamentals and technical aspects 3 The temperature microcomputer has the advantages of flexible control, simple operation, good temperature stability, upper and lower limit temperature overtemperature alarm, PID automatic control. It is recommended that investors maintain the idea of shock decline, close to pressure short selling, close to support buying, and stop loss by 100 points

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