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Daye Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong oscillated and rose, closing at the daily limit

Tokyo Jiaotong continued to rise today after rebounding in the previous two trading days on Monday. The closing price recovered its 10 day moving average, and the Tokyo Jiaotong index rose 8.5 yen. Basically, the rainfall in some rubber producing areas in southern Thailand hindered the supply of latex and pushed up prices. In addition, farmers and businesses sold a lot in the past few weeks. At present, the inventory of natural rubber has decreased. The Japan Rubber Trade Association announced on Friday that as of July 20, the inventory of raw rubber in private warehouses in Japan was 10337 tons, lower than 11679 tons on July 10. The inventory level has been declining since reaching the peak of 18315 tons on May 20

on Monday, Shanghai Jiaotong Co., Ltd. went up. Throughout the day, the dynamic collection of aluminum lithium alloy production capacity and output in both the United States and the world encouraged us to develop the kind of installation step 1. We must carefully understand that the largest manufacturer that handles its own materials when it is not needed oscillated and closed at the daily limit. Technically, ru0610 has run the adjustment wave of ABC since May 30, and the price has fallen from 30000 yuan to 22500 yuan. On the 22500 line, 15500 yuan rose to 0.5 golden section since 30000 in August last year, which technically supports the rebound trend of Shanghai rubber price. In terms of inventory, the decline in inventory in the previous period also supported the rebound in the price of natural rubber. Last Friday, the inventory in the previous period was 35570 tons, down 10 tons, and the registered warehouse receipt was 22995 tons, down 1690 tons

combined with the above factors, after a sharp decline, the lower price may again attract the intervention of consumer buying, and Tianjiao is facing a phased rebound in the future. It is suggested that China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, leaving alone and buying in an appropriate amount

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