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Shanghai Jinshan attracts investment to develop green papermaking and other industrial bases

the second phase project of the largest functional film industry base in China signed a contract with Jinshan and started construction. The industrial base is invested and constructed by kaixinsen (Shanghai) functional film industry Co., Ltd. six TFTLCD optical film production lines have been completed and put into operation in phase I, and another 19 TFT-LCD optical film production lines will be built in phase II, which is planned to be completed in June 2012. After completion, kaixinsen will become the fourth enterprise in the world that can produce four optical films of full sample shape: plate series

on the 26th, Gaode solar energy Co., Ltd. and Likang precision technology signed a total of 34 new projects with a total investment of 14billion yuan. Among them, there are 12 projects with an investment scale of more than 500million yuan or 50million US dollars, with a total investment of about 9.57 billion yuan as the replacement of hydrofluorocarbons, accounting for 68% of the total contract amount

these large projects and investments not only set a new record of attracting investment in Jinshan District, but also added new impetus to build a characteristic industrial base in Jinshan District. In recent years, polyurethane accounts for about 20% of automotive materials in many countries and regions. Jinshan District focuses on cultivating strategic emerging industries. Relevant reports point out that industry and high-tech industrialization are the main direction of attack, and focuses on building eight characteristic industrial bases, including national green printing, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, refined division of labor, auto parts, food processing, equipment manufacturing, etc. According to statistics, of the 34 industrial projects signed this time, in addition to 3 producer services projects, 31 correspond to the eight major industrial bases, with the investment accounting for 93% of the total contract amount, especially in the fields of new materials, biomedicine, new energy and so on. Among them, it is planned to invest 800million yuan in the second phase of kaixinsen functional film project, which will lead Jinshan District to focus on building a new material characteristic industrial base, and will change the situation that China's functional films are heavily dependent on imports. By 2015, the scale of Jinshan planned new material industry base will reach 30billion yuan

attracting investment from the industrial chain is an important idea for Jinshan District to develop characteristic industrial bases. For example, in the new energy industry base, Jinshan District focuses on supporting enterprises such as Huapu new energy vehicles and sori optoelectronics, focusing on the development of new energy industries such as hybrid vehicle development, lithium iron phosphate power batteries, onshore fans, offshore fans, and thin-film solar cell production. By 2015, the scale of the new energy industry base is expected to reach 15billion yuan. In the biomedical industry base, Jinshan District focuses on supporting the project R & D and production of dongfulong, Beiji, Baite medical infusion production, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Jinshan base, Fosun Pharmaceutical base, antibiotics and other enterprises, focusing on the development of biological agents, vaccines and antibody drugs, high-end chemical APIs, precision medical devices, etc. it is planned that by 2015, the scale of the industrial base will reach 20billion yuan

it was learned from Jinshan District that in January and June this year, the gross domestic product, total industrial output value and other major economic indicators of the district achieved more than double-digit growth, and the total fiscal revenue reached 7.186 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 39.6%. The output value of the four major high-tech industrialization fields, such as new materials, increased by 37% year-on-year

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