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Recently, Shanghai Longxin Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a new generation of drinking water packaging machine - a complete set of equipment and new products of bagged water automatic filling machine in recent years, which has been put on the market. The complete set of equipment is composed of a full-automatic filling machine for bagged water, a continuous sealing machine for bagged water, a bagged water conveying system, a light inspection platform for bagged water, starting the oil pump, adjusting the pointer to zero, etc. the production capacity is 400-600 bags per hour

Shanghai Longxin Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of beverage canning machinery and purification equipment. The research and development of complete sets of Automatic Bagged water filling machines is to change the current situation of the widespread use of barreled drinking water. Due to the long drinking cycle of barreled water, the secondary pollution of drinking machines and the incomplete cleaning of buckets, unqualified drinking water hygiene indicators occur from time to time, and the problem of healthy consumption of drinking water has not been properly solved. The fully automatic filling of bagged water launched by the company will consume a total of more than 13000 tons of plastic production lines in 2019, which fundamentally solves the inevitable secondary pollution of barreled water in the process of filling and use under the cycle of demographic dividend. While the "bagging machine" relies on its own pressure when it is used, there is no pollution caused by air supplement, and its short service cycle ensures the freshness of water quality, Thus, a new way of sanitary drinking water is developed

the full-automatic filling machine for bagged water is the key equipment of the bagged water production line. The frame, film feeding and film feeding system, heat sealing and cutting device, filling equipment, etc. of the packaging machine are made of stainless steel materials, which meet the requirements of food production. Each process is accurately completed by the PLC control center through the touch screen according to the design requirements. The whole machine is equipped with film length measurement and adjustment device and multi-channel sterilization treatment device. The filling machine has the advantages of high accuracy, unique sealing, sanitation and firmness. It adopts computer program man-machine interface, which is convenient and reliable to operate

the special continuous sealing machine for bagged water outer packaging is a special continuous sealing machine specially designed for the production of 7.5kg. This machine makes up for the defect that general sealing machines can only transport light and small packages. The machine is organically combined with conveyor belt and sealing machine, and the sealing speed is consistent with the conveying speed, so as to ensure the sealing quality of bagged water packaging

the special conveyor belt for bagged water is customized according to the characteristics of the full-automatic bagged water filling machine. The conveyor belt has slope climbing, anti-skid and pressure measuring functions, and is an indispensable equipment for the whole production line of the bagging machine. The whole equipment is made of stainless steel pipes, equipped with stainless steel rollers, stainless steel pressure measuring rollers and anti-skid conveyor belts

the horizontal light inspection table of bagged water is a horizontal light inspection table customized according to the characteristics of bagged water packaging. The inspection table is also used for the operation of outer packaging bags. The test bench is made of stainless steel and customized glass. The whole equipment is not only practical, but also novel, bright and thorough in appearance, with the aesthetic feeling of the times

source: China Food News

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