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Yide Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong rose strongly by the limit, and the upward pressure is still facing

boosted by the rise of crude oil electronic disk, Japanese Jiaotong jumped high at 188 points in the morning today, but faced the pressure above 190 points, the futures price performance was more cautious, maintained a narrow range of volatility throughout the day, and rose slightly in the late afternoon, closing at 190.1 points, up 6.2 points, or 3.37%. The overall performance of Shanghai Jiaotong was stronger than that of Japan Jiaotong. The 0903 contract, which became the new main contract last week, closed at 13870 on the daily limit today. However, the mid session price performance was hesitant, and the limit board was opened many times. In addition, the trading ranking released by the exchange after trading showed that the number of short positions increased by the main force was greater than that of many parties, indicating that the market was still in the long and short competition. The futures price will rise further, and will face the pressure of the first line at the early stage, which is expected to repeat

in terms of spot goods, recently, the prices of natural rubber and synthetic rubber installed in the lower area on the right side of the universal data experimental machine frame for agricultural reclamation and marketing hydraulic operations have declined significantly. The spot Chinalco quotation system shows that the average price of 5 × standard glue is 18200 tons, and the hanging volume is 240 tons; 5. The average hanging price of latex is 18123 tons, and the hanging volume is 615 tons. The price of standard rubber in Hengshui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places has recently fluctuated with the price of the futures market. The mainstream can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials. The transaction range is to yuan/ton, up 500 yuan/ton from the previous trading day; Qilu Petrochemical adjusted the ex factory quotation of synthetic rubber again. Styrene butadiene rubber was quoted at 12300 yuan/ton, down 1000 yuan/ton; CIS polybutadiene rubber was reported at 13450 yuan/ton, down 450 yuan/ton for 3D printing parts in commercial and military aircraft, space and industrial fields. It is reported that there is a lower transaction price in the synthetic rubber market in the sales area

at present, the Shanghai Jiao futures price is still in the trend of range fluctuation. Before breaking through the first-line pressure at the early point, the operation should be cautious to avoid chasing up and killing down. However, it is noteworthy that the spot price in the sales area, which has been depressed recently, has risen recently. Changes in fundamentals and capital will become an important factor determining the upward range of futures prices

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