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Shanghai Pudong Development Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong closed at the limit and waited for the future (2006.05.22)

Wenhua finance and Economics (Ji Fang) -- today, Shanghai Jiaotong can ensure the accuracy of equipment measurement data. The main contract 0608 opened at 24800, 755 points lower than the closing of the previous trading day, with a minimum of 24600, a maximum of 24900, and a closing of 24600, with 133136 transactions, an increase of 1618 positions, a decrease of 765 points, and no moisture absorption and crystal water (excluding flame retardants) at 24800 all day Acid and alkali resistant transactions were the most intensive, accounting for 8.37% of the total turnover. In view of the new changes in EU regulations. On the day of the 0609 contract, 1378 positions were reduced, down 765 points

Hainan agricultural reclamation today marked a plastic pending order details: qiongken farm 12 orders, 357 tons, starting price: 25000 yuan/ton. Spot quotations across the country: in Tianjin natural rubber market, the current bid price is about 25500 yuan/ton; In Shanghai Tianjiao market, the current mainstream quotation of Biao Yijiao spot market is about 25000 yuan/ton

after the 0608 contract, the main contract of Shanghai rubber, opened low today, the rubber price fluctuated in a narrow range and closed at the daily limit. From the perspective of disk, influenced by the decline of domestic copper and aluminum futures prices and the fall of international oil prices, Shanghai Jiaotong made a sharp correction. The author believes that the future rubber price will still come out of a wide range of volatility. In terms of operation, investors are advised to focus on the short-term

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