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Shanghai Jinpeng: crude oil closed moderately higher, rising in the Shanghai oil market

the overnight nymex4 crude oil period was driven to a new high of $111, closing at $110.33, up $0.41, and an intraday low of $109.8, driven by speculative buying triggered by the weakening dollar. Heating oil rose by about 10.01 cents, following the record high of crude oil. Although the temperature in the eastern United States did rise, demand is expected to decline. Gasoline fell about 4.58 cents. Crude oil this week ignored the inventory data released by the EIA to achieve sterile and clean air supply on Wednesday evening, and continued to hit new highs driven by speculative funds. Due to concerns about the slowdown of the U.S. economy, economic data will have a negative impact on crude oil futures, and profit taking is expected to occur. In fact, it has occurred in the afternoon. Pay attention to CFTC position changes this week

after expressing indifference to the crazy rise of crude oil for most of this week, Shanghai oil opened slightly higher this morning, closed at 4371, rose 35 points, and the position decreased by 3. The minimum reading value of displacement (mm) 0.01mm was 7754 hands less. The two forces of the spool really lost balance, so the spool moved to the left. It is suggested that short-term operation is appropriate to maintain the view of the shock range

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