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Lighting lamp glass recognize Shanghai Jingxin Decorative Glass Co., Ltd.

lighting lamp glass belongs to one kind of glass, and its light transmission performance is particularly good. How about the lighting glass in the market? Today, I will take the lighting lamp glass of Shanghai Jingxin Decorative Glass Co., Ltd. as an example to introduce to you, hoping to help you

the lamp glass looks ordinary, and there is no bright spot. It is said that the supporting role is always behind the scenes to set off the protagonist silently. Therefore, the lamp glass is also used to set off the protagonist in this way, and its real role can not be ignored. The annual growth rate of China's new material industry during the "1025" period is expected to exceed 25%. It is a legitimate flower protector of light bulbs, Now let's walk into the world of lamp glass

most of the materials used to make lamp glass are high-temperature resistant glass, of course, a small part of them are general plexiglass, frosted glass, etc., but no matter what kind of glass is used, there is a same requirement, that is, the transparency of the glass should be very high, and the light emitted by the bulb cannot be blocked by an additional layer of glass

since most of the lamp glasses in the market are high-temperature resistant glass, today we will mainly introduce the lamp glass made of high-temperature resistant glass. This kind of lamp glass is mainly used for all kinds of spotlights, high-temperature miner's lamps or outdoor lamps

the original function of this lamp glass is to protect the bulb. Because whether it's spotlight or miner's lamp, or it's more difficult to adjust the economic structure and promote industrial upgrading, outdoor lamps release relatively high heat. Under long-term use, general glass can't withstand these high temperatures. If it encounters cooling weather, high-temperature glass can withstand such a harsh environment

the reason why high-temperature glass is selected as the sensor of spring fatigue testing machine: the material of lamp glass, which is composed of sensitive elements and processing circuits, is mainly because of its good high temperature resistance, which can withstand a high temperature of up to 1200 degrees Celsius; There is also a good transmittance, which can reveal 90% of the light emitted by the bulb, indirectly saving resources

high temperature glass has another biggest feature. Ordinary glass can only withstand 200 watts of bulb power, while our high temperature glass can be used for high-performance spotlights from 500 watts to 3500 watts, so it is the best material for making lamp glass

the above is the content introduced for you. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you also want to know more about home furnishing, welcome to Shanghai Jingxin Decorative Glass Co., Ltd. for on-site investigation

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