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Essential elements of beer boutique: corrugated box

according to the relevant data provided by American packaging agencies, it is predicted that in the next 10 years, beer corrugated box packaging will still have a good development prospect, and the potential market is large. In order to enhance and protect the safety of beer and the good appearance image of products, beer corrugated boxes must have the following elements to become boutiques

protection function

protecting the beer inside is the primary function of beer corrugated box. Therefore, according to the different bearing weight and stacking height of corrugated boxes, beer production enterprises formulate the physical strength indicators of corrugated boxes, including the edge pressure strength, bursting strength, puncture strength, bonding strength, empty box compressive strength, etc. Beer corrugated box should meet these physical strength requirements and realize its protection function

sales function

exquisite printing patterns play a great role in attracting the attention of consumers in the current competitive end market channels, and play a good role in improving the brand reputation and promotion of products. Nowadays, more consumers like to buy beer in a whole box or give it as a gift. The exquisite corrugated box packaging has become a silent salesman. Beer corrugated boxes are not only the transportation packaging of products, but also slowly penetrating into the sales packaging

at present, the colorization of corrugated box packaging has become the mainstream of beer corrugated box, improving the grade of beer. The existing color cartoning process of corrugated box packaging can be divided into three ways: traditional offset printing, flexo printing and pre printing. In the printing of beer corrugated boxes, the main printing method is offset printing, and pre printing and flexo printing only account for about 10% - 20% respectively. However, as an advanced printing process, preprint began to attract the attention of beer manufacturers, and its application in the beer industry is gradually heating up

color printing beer corrugated boxes require uniform color difference to ensure the overall image. Printing color difference is generally judged by visual method and instrument method: (1) visual method: the same batch of products shall not have color difference that can be distinguished by naked eyes, and there is no obvious color difference between batches of the same variety. (2) Instrument method: the same batch of products △ e ≤ 2.0, the same variety batch △ e ≤ 2.5

the humanized design of the beer corrugated box structure enhances the display effect and endows the corrugated box with auxiliary functions. For example, a hand tearing design is added to the top of the beer corrugated box, which can be opened immediately by hand, making it convenient for beer to take and put. At the same time, the beer carton with the hand tearing has a better display function. With the development of supermarkets, the increase of window opening design or partial transparent design of beer corrugated boxes will be favored, and consumers can see the beer inside at a glance

friction resistance

in order to ensure the appearance quality of products, the friction resistance of the ink layer on the surface of corrugated boxes is usually tested to evaluate the wear resistance of printing ink on corrugated boxes. Beer corrugated boxes are required to withstand a certain force and more than 100 times of friction, while the printing color of corrugated boxes will not transfer

the "dry friction test method" is used to test the wear resistance of the ink layer on the surface of corrugated boxes. The test method is usually tested by friction testing machine. First, attach the white test paper to the friction body, then input the friction times required by the test standard into the control system, start the machine, and the test can realize automatic control. The actuator uses a high-precision gear reduction micro motor to drive the friction body for linear reciprocating friction movement, and a buzzer appears after the test. The test result is to evaluate the wear resistance of the ink layer on the surface of corrugated boxes according to whether there are obvious ink traces on the surface of white test paper

whether the wear resistance of the ink interior trim layer on the corrugated box surface is good is mainly determined by the quality of the ink and varnish on the box surface. During production, the ink and varnish with good wear resistance and adhesion should be selected

anti skid performance

in order to prevent the beer box from slipping, causing the beer box to tilt, fall, collide, and cause the beer bottle to burst, the beer corrugated box must have a certain anti-skid performance

the anti-skid performance of beer corrugated boxes is evaluated by the anti-skid angle, which is also called the static friction coefficient between corrugated boxes. In order to give consideration to production logistics and loading and unloading efficiency, the acceptable range of anti-skid angle of beer corrugated boxes is 24 ° ± 3 °, that is, the stacking of corrugated boxes is within 24 ° ± 3 °, and the phenomenon of sliding and falling off between boxes cannot occur

the anti-skid angle test method of beer corrugated box is to stack two identical corrugated boxes (the box must contain actual contents) neatly on the anti-skid instrument, shake the hand at a constant speed to increase the inclination angle of the corrugated box at a constant speed, and observe the inclination angle when the upper corrugated box slides, that is, the anti-skid angle of the beer corrugated box

to reach the specified anti-skid angle, corrugated boxes need to use suitable anti-skid paper materials, anti-skid ink and varnish, and track and detect them in time during production. If problems are found, adjust the materials used in time. According to experience, in general, for corrugated boxes that need polish on the surface, the ink supplier only needs to control or adjust the anti-skid performance of polish, that is, the anti-skid performance of the corrugated box surface can be guaranteed or changed

waterproof performance

beer bottles will inevitably explode during transportation. In order to avoid large-area liquid diffusion, causing the collapse of surrounding corrugated boxes, beer corrugated boxes should have a certain waterproof performance

beer corrugated boxes require that both the surface and the inside should be waterproof. When water drops on the surface and the inside paper, the water drops can remain intact within 8 seconds without penetrating into the paper, or on the premise of maintaining the complete shape of the water drops, the paper surface is dotted with water marks. It is not necessary to adopt the fully enclosed design of the oil tank in the pump station, and flake water drops are allowed

corrugated board with waterproof performance can be divided into three types according to its different water resistance:

1 However, the condition for the transformation of the old machine is that the frame part, power system (motor, oil pump) and force application system (oil cylinder) of the original machine must be in good condition. Hydrophobic corrugated cardboard

refers to that when it is affected by water for a short time, the processed corrugated cardboard surface condenses water into water droplets and splashes, so as to prevent the penetration of water. The manufacturing process of hydrophobic corrugated board is to add papermaking water-resistant agent or surface sizing into the pulp to improve the water resistance of the base paper in the papermaking process. Generally, when the paper mill produces vermicelli paperboard, the paper-making water-resistant agent is coated on the surface of the calender of the paper machine to coat the paperboard. In the manufacture of corrugated board, the roll coater is used to coat the paper-making water-resistant agent on the corrugated board machine, or the spray device is used to spray the paper-making water-resistant agent on the surface of the board

2. Water resistant corrugated board

is also known as water retaining corrugated board. This kind of board is in contact with water for a long time and basically does not let water pass through. The manufacturing process of water-resistant corrugated board is to coat the water-resistant waterproof coating on the paper surface with spraying method or roller coating method in the bonding process of corrugated board, so that the board has good water resistance

3. Corrugated board with strong water resistance

this kind of board is almost impervious to water after long-term contact with water. There are two manufacturing methods of corrugated board with strong water resistance: one is the one-time processing method, which endows the base paper with water resistance at the papermaking stage; There is also a secondary processing method, that is, the coating method and impregnation method are used to endow the water resistance of the front windscreen of the corrugated cardboard automobile only by using the glass manufacturing stage

the waterproof performance of beer corrugated boxes can be achieved in terms of materials and waterproof technology. In terms of materials, the waterproof performance of base paper using kraft linerboard is obviously better than that of noodle linerboard. The waterproof technology using hydrophobic corrugated board can meet the waterproof performance of beer corrugated box

anti sticking performance

boxed beer will form small drops of water on the surface of the corrugated box when encountering hot air from the cold storage room. The ink on the surface of the corrugated box, especially the varnish, is easy to dissolve in water and produce viscosity, which is easy to bond the stacked corrugated boxes and damage the printing effect on the surface of the corrugated box

this requires special attention in printing and ink. The requirements for varnish are very high, and ordinary varnish is difficult to achieve this effect

meet the requirements of automatic packing in production

beer corrugated boxes must be able to adapt to the automatic packing of machines. In this regard, the flatness and strength requirements of beer corrugated boxes are very strict, otherwise the packing line cannot be used, and the machine will jam

for the flatness of paperboard, the national standard requires that there should be no warpage greater than 20mm on a single piece of corrugated paperboard per meter. In order to meet the requirements of automatic packing in beer production, the flatness of the cardboard is required to be strict, and the warpage of the corrugated cardboard per meter length is required to be within 8mm

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