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UAV talent problem becomes the biggest bottleneck. Xinjiang innovation decides to support ecological developers in this way

original title: UAV talent problem becomes the biggest bottleneck. Xinjiang innovation decides to support ecological developers in this way (picture source: panoramic vision) economic observation

original title: UAV talent problem becomes the biggest bottleneck. Xinjiang innovation decides to support ecological developers in this way

(picture source: panoramic vision)

Economic Observer Shen Yiran on August 30, the Dajiang Innovation Industry Innovation Conference (airworks China 2018) for the enterprise level UAV technology market was held in Jinshan, Shanghai. At the conference, Dajiang innovation company said that when the company was promoting the implementation of UAV technology in more industries, it found that the talent density of the whole industry had become the bottleneck of development, so it decided to promote the experience of head developers, and did not rule out investment

compared with consumer UAVs, industrial UAVs have higher requirements in industrial specifications, data processing ability, exploitability, operation training, etc. The ecosystem of the industry includes end customers, policy makers, hardware developers, software developers, service providers, channel partners, training and education organizations, etc. it needs multi-party coordination and cooperation to complete the final output of the solution

Xie Tiandi, the public relations director of Dajiang innovation, said that talents are needed from the solutions of developers and integrators, the deployment of service providers, and the establishment of UAV technology asset operation departments by customers. The company believes that the development of UAV technology in the commercial field is similar to the development path of traditional IT industry, and developers and service institutions will become the key to market growth. However, it is of great significance for large enterprises to set up UAV departments as well as it departments 20 years ago. At the same time, the demand for UAV developers in the entire UAV market will soar

therefore, the impact of the Xinjiang epidemic on the testing machine industry, innovation is promoting the opening of the enterprise ecosystem at once. According to the statistics of relevant institutions, 80% of the data in commercial applications come from visual sensors. The UAV equipped with a camera has its own advantages, such as route planning, trajectory control, autonomous hovering, accurate acquisition and so on. This makes the UAV become a commercial application. It obtains the displacement of the beam by measuring the output pulse number of the photoelectric encoder; It is an indispensable sky end device for data acquisition

in 2018, the Dajiang innovation payload SDK and windows SDK were released, making the core technology of Dajiang innovation more diversified and widely used in the UAV ecosystem. The head of Dajiang innovation industry application said that by opening the load interface of Dajiang innovation flight platform, developers can carry their own load equipment to the UAV platform for operation, and realize the integrated control of software and hardware

and Xie Tiandi said that the cooperation around the ecosystem does not rule out the form of investment. He believes that investment is one of the tools to combine technology and brand. If necessary, Dajiang innovation currently has a strategic investment fund

some participants believed that the best way to support innovation from Dajiang is to further open source technology. Li Yiru, product manager of Xianglong Automation Co., Ltd., told that investment would be greatly beneficial to technology developers in the UAV ecosystem

among the participating enterprises, the xiaohongdian team, a construction and urban management UAV application technology service provider, said that Dajiang innovation has successively opened SDK (software development kit), further expanding the imagination of the industry and giving developers more room to play. Recently, the little red dot team developed an app that supports multi machine linkage, task and achievement sharing

the relevant person in charge of skycatch, a supplier of commercial UAV software platform, said according to the person in charge of calculation, "From Mobile SDK to onboard SDK, and then to payload SDK" The continuously open SDK of Dajiang innovation enables us to integrate our sensors into the flight platform of Dajiang innovation, so that users can benefit from our customized development, and then deploy UAVs with customized sensors in large quantities. This project saves us a lot of time. "

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