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It is common for drones to patrol forests or open new opportunities in the market

] forests play an important role in the national economy, and they are also the basic resources for human beings, animals and plants to survive. However, the protection of forest resources faces multiple threats, including mountain fires, illegal logging, pests and so on. Among them, forest fire has a high incidence and the greatest harm, which has always been the top priority of forestry work

according to public data, there are more than 200000 forest fires in the world every year, and the burned forest area accounts for more than 1% of the total forest area in the world. In recent years, forest fires have become increasingly common in countries all over the world. In July, 2018, it was also very important for Greece and Canada to improve the air quality in the car. Following the forest fire, huge casualties and economic losses were caused

at present, most of China's aviation forest protection work remains in aviation fire fighting, and it is less used in preventing forest fires, mainly focusing on irregular manned helicopter flight inspection. The development direction of international air forest protection is more focused on the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in air forest protection. Therefore, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to patrol forests, prevent wildfires and conduct resource mapping has increasingly become the mainstream

unmanned aerial vehicle, that is, unmanned aerial vehicle. Unmanned aerial vehicles can replace manpower to monitor the forest from the air and detect fire hazards and illegal activities in time. By loading different task equipment, such as photography, infrared thermal imaging, multispectral and other devices, we can also obtain forest information in different dimensions

in May 2018, Guizhou Liping Forest Public Security Bureau used unmanned aerial vehicles for the first time to patrol, carry out forest fire investigation, and monitor the illegal occupation of forest land. In addition, As green water green "Since the independent innovation mountain is the birthplace of the important idea of Jinshan and Yinshan, the forest coverage rate of Anji County has reached 71.1%. In order to cope with the pressure of forest resource protection, the county has introduced four UAVs to patrol and supervise the gullies and mountaintops that are difficult for staff to reach.

on October 2, unqualified is likely to be harmful. On October 0, Jingzhou County launched the test flight of UAV patrol forest resources, which is the first County-Level Forest in the province The forest resources monitoring platform is another innovative measure, marking the comprehensive and irreplaceable construction of the sky ground full coverage forest resources supervision system. It is understood that this test flight was completed by the UAV pilot of the County Forestry Bureau under the guidance of professional technicians

UAV aerial photography has a series of advantages such as clear image, wide monitoring range and high operation efficiency, which can effectively improve the supervision ability of forest resources. To this end, this year, the Forestry Department of Jingzhou county will introduce drones as the focus of promoting the upgrading of forest resources inspection, and specially assigned two staff members with outstanding professional capabilities to participate in drone flight training and obtain a civil drone driver's license

in fact, unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used in the forest field. It is reported that next, Jingzhou county will continue to explore the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in forest pest inspection, forest resource investigation and afforestation, so as to make new and greater contributions to ensuring the safety of forest resources in the county and promoting the construction of ecological civilization

from the perspective of application advantages, UAV is easy to operate, flexible and fast in data transmission. It has important use value in preventing forest fires, assisting forest fire fighting, supervising illegal logging and mining, etc. The combination of UAV management and traditional mountain patrol forest protection mode not only improves the efficiency of patrol tasks, but also strengthens the supervision ability of forest areas

for example, in daily patrol work, relevant personnel can quickly transport UAVs and ancillary equipment to the mission area, and then patrol and monitor according to the preset route, and one person is enough to complete these operations. By analogy, unmanned aerial vehicles are like high-definition celestial eyes suspended above a hundred meters of the sky, which can obtain high-precision, high-definition video, images and other resources, and avoid regulatory dead ends

with the continuous upgrading of UAV technology and the increasingly mature application in forest fire prevention, monitoring and other work, the future forest patrol UAV system will be more perfect, and the forest patrol UAV industry will gradually form a new development ecosystem, and drive the UAV market to usher in a new round of growth opportunities

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