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Ucloud Asia Pacific Data Center comprehensively adjusted the price to provide the world's best services

ucloud Asia Pacific Data Center comprehensively adjusted the interface and moderate price of its cloud service products at 18:00 on June 25, 2014. The adjusted price is the best in the world, which is highly competitive in the competitive products in the same industry. Users can also enjoy the ultimate services brought by ucloud at a lower cost

distribution of ucloud data centers

at present, in addition to Asia Pacific data centers, ucloud data centers are also widely distributed in East, South and North China, and their stable and high-quality BGP and dual line networks cover major provinces and cities across the country. In November 2013, ucloud, in cooperation with HGC (Hutchison Global Telecom), the largest network access provider in Hong Kong, is starting the operation of the Asia Pacific data center by measuring and judging various performance parameters of various material experiments according to national standards, international standards or standards provided by users, becoming the first cloud computing company in the domestic IAAs field to provide services in overseas markets, and providing a high-quality cloud service platform for domestic mobile development teams to sail far

the Asia Pacific data node has an international bandwidth of more than 3gbit/s, which can be directly connected to many countries in the Asia Pacific region, and fully covers Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand and other Asia Pacific regions, eliminating delays in transit countries. Thanks to the natural golden geographical location of Hong Kong and the extensive coverage of submarine optical cables, the node network response time is less than 100ms from Tokyo in the East and Malaysia in the West. For Chinese mobile Internet enterprises and teams who want to expand overseas markets, it is not easy to guarantee the special accuracy. Especially for the overseas operation needs of mainland mobile game companies, Asia Pacific data nodes are the first choice. Data shows that game developers account for nearly half of the users of Asia Pacific nodes, including a large number of enterprises from the mobile and e-commerce fields

through the price adjustment of Asia Pacific computer room, ucloud will better help domestic mobile developers enter the international market. It is reported that from its international perspective, ucloud will further increase investment in the construction of computer room infrastructure, including the opening of new data centers, the implementation of cross computer room disaster recovery programs, etc. Up to now, the Hong Kong computer room has undertaken the pilot work of ucloud's overseas services. It is expected that ucloud will complete the construction of data centers in North America in the third quarter of 2014, helping China's mobile Internet products go to sea

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