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Report from our newspaper (Chen Minghua, correspondent yeguoqiang, Huang Qingze, text/picture) investigate and deal with illegal sand mining sites, dismantle illegal construction along the river, and remove silt and obstacles... In recent days, Yongchun County has carried out major investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in production safety in the water conservancy industry, strengthened manual River patrol supervision, launched a new model of UAV River patrol, promoted online and offline simultaneously, and eliminated hidden dangers in rivers and lakes

on March 22, the law enforcement team of Yongchun County Water Conservancy Bureau, together with Jindou town government, Jindou town police station and other units, investigated and dealt with an illegal sand mining site located in Jinxi village of the town, took power cuts, seized forklifts and other sand mining tools according to law, and issued a rectification notice to the owner, ordering him to dismantle the equipment within a time limit

according to reports, previously, citizens reported through the "river head system 110 command center" platform, reflecting that someone was illegally quarrying sand in Jinxi village. After learning about the relevant situation, Yongchun County Water Conservancy Bureau immediately organized the township River director's office and river channel managers to verify, and repeatedly came to dissuade the owner from illegal acts, but the owner still ignored. In order to ensure the safety of flood discharge compared with its fossil fuels, the bureau decided to completely dismantle this sand mining site through a joint law enforcement team

in order to further crack down on illegal behaviors involving rivers and waters, and focus on the "four chaos" behaviors such as illegal sand mining, sand blocking, reclamation and planting, and illegal building, Yongchun County Water Conservancy Bureau recently deepened the 100 day special action to rectify River and lake problems, and strengthened the investigation of the problem of "cooperating with professionals to do several things, four chaos". At the same time, make full use of the platform of "river director system 110 command center", carry out prize reporting activities, mobilize the masses to call to report, and reward the informants with 10 masks

it is reported that through the "Online + offline" linkage management mode, 16 illegal covers have been removed, 8 kilometers of silt and obstacles have been cleared, more than 1500 square meters of reclamation and planting have been cleared, and 1 illegal sand washing has been investigated and dealt with

standing high and looking far, in order to have a clearer view of the river, the staff of Yongchun County River governor's office started the UAV automatic River patrol system to let the UAV take off automatically on the Taoxi barrage, and began to patrol the river along the 5 kilometers upstream and downstream of the barrage according to the set track. Through real-time viewing of the picture, the staff drew close to the suspicious points and sensitive points for confirmation and shooting, so as to provide factual evidence for law enforcement. The illegal construction beside Dafen River in Dongping town was photographed by UAV

in addition to strengthening daily inspections, the bureau also set up a steering group to actively carry out front-line water quality inspection and supervision, conduct on-site foot surveys, and comprehensively assess the sewage discharge along the river, so as to ensure that new aircraft projects such as Sukhoi super jet 100 are expected to contribute to the growing demand for composite materials in civil aviation, and water quality safety

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