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There is a routine of "horse racing and enclosure" in the UAV plant protection industry.

the UAV plant protection market began to appear as a leading enterprise in the development of this year, and the business model was gradually improved. At this time, the state once again issued a document to encourage those who return to the countryside to carry out entrepreneurship and innovation in the countryside. This flag allows plant protection UAV enterprises to see a clearer entrepreneurial thinking and mode

at the end of the year, a document from the State Council issued a "certificate of merit" to UAV plant protection enterprises, and relevant entrepreneurs will receive strong support from the government in terms of market access, financial services, financial support and so on

on November 29, Xinhua News Agency published the opinions on supporting the entrepreneurship and innovation of returning people to the countryside and promoting the integration and development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), which provided policy support for migrant workers, graduates of middle and higher education institutions, retired soldiers, scientific and technological personnel and other returning people to the countryside to carry out entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas

as soon as the opinions were published, practitioners in the UAV industry rushed to forward them, Especially in the field of plant protection, it is "running around telling the truth". In 2016, known as the first year of plant protection UAV, entrepreneurs strode across the river and explored one business model after another:

Dajiang innovation launched the mg-1 plant protection machine in March this year, and then launched the upgraded version of mg-1s in November. In addition to the usual agent model, it also worked with some financial institutions and Internet platforms to launch financial service solutions, as well as agricultural plant protection solutions for the enterprise market

another enterprise, Jifei, is taking a different path. Previously, it was criticized by friends for building its own defense team, taking its own land, and entering the market at a low price. Then in the second half of this year, Jifei suddenly announced that it would cooperate with a third-party service organization to sell or lease Jifei UAVs. Moreover, before the release of mg-1s in Dajiang, Jifei launched a set of "Tianmu" unmanned aerial vision system. It is said that the system integrates binocular obstacle avoidance and terrain vision modules, so that the plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle has the ability to perceive the environment and can avoid obstacles at night

in addition, there are Tianying brothers, Tianyi co creation, Wuxi Hanhe and other enterprises. Facing the vast area of cultivated land, they chose to work together to form a "national UAV plant protection cross regional operation service team", share market demand, and first make the cake bigger together

in fact, whether it's Dajiang innovation that doesn't worry about money, Jifei that burned a lot of money, or Tianying brothers who persevered, they all face the same market problems, that is, finding the right market demand, finding the right downstream channels, and improving the operation process

in conclusion, this year's "horse racing enclosure" has also formed a routine, and everyone's playing methods are becoming more and more similar. I interviewed a number of plant protection enterprises and summarized a few points for everyone to think about. If you have different opinions, welcome to pat bricks

localization of the flight defense service team

the member enterprises of the "national UAV plant protection cross regional operation service team" first put forward this view. Li Caisheng, chairman of the team leader Tianying brothers, and Ma Yong, chairman of Tianyi Co., Ltd., vice captain, have said that farmers are not ideal users of plant protection UAVs. They are large in number and scattered in distribution, so it is difficult to carry out systematic and effective training for them, As a result, it is not professional in use and operation. They believe that the end users of plant protection UAVs should be positioned in professional social service organizations

Liu Dawei, its general manager, said that there are many similar local organizations that provide comprehensive and supporting technical services for farmers and agricultural production, including agricultural technology promotion, soil testing and fertilization technology promotion, planting technology promotion, pest control, etc. He said: "in the final analysis, UAV is just a farm tool. If the operation effect is good, it will cooperate with UAV enterprises. The other party will provide equipment and be responsible for training. We have hundreds of thousands of places and people, and both sides can complement each other's advantages."

Ma Yong, chairman of Tianyi Co., Ltd., grasped the policy dividend and preferred veterans in recruitment. He cooperated with agricultural university to cultivate talents. He said: "with less investment in the early stage, high career, and more money than working, plus our UAV is simple and easy to operate, training is also fast, and we provide free maintenance services, which will be a good entrepreneurial project."

since its establishment at the end of 2014, Tianying brothers has rapidly expanded 15 branches (13 in China and 2 abroad). The operation form of local branches adopts the system of "platform + partner" and personnel localization. Chairman Li Caisheng said that most of the heads of local companies are familiar with agricultural service channels. The headquarters is responsible for providing products, technology, training and management of pilots, and they are responsible for promotion and localization services

since its entry into the Bureau, Dajiang innovation has adopted the same marketing routine as consumer UAVs, dividing the country into several areas, such as northeast, northwest and North China. It has widely recruited agents, mainly selling plant protection machines

Jifei later quietly recognized the third-party service organization and began to pay attention to local middlemen. It also changed from "not selling aircraft" to various business models such as sales and leasing

integration of employment training

UAV driver training was originally a fertile land with rich profits at the beginning of its rise. However, in order to open up Xinjiang and expand its territory, many UAV enterprises have opened driving schools of the same name to provide free pilot training while purchasing products or services

when visiting the headquarters of Tianying brothers in Shenzhen, they happened to meet the personnel of a service institution who were conducting simulation training. The other party said that they were an agrochemical service company in Henan Province and planned to carry out the business of spraying pesticides by unmanned aerial vehicles. They cooperated with Tianying brothers, including free training services

at the same time that Jifei launched its new products in October this year, it announced the establishment of "Jifei College". Students only need to pay 1000 yuan to participate in the study of Jifei college. After passing the study and examination, they can get the corresponding certification

here I want to talk about the certificate of UAV driver training. At present, most of the certificates issued by UAV training colleges in the market are certificates certified by China AOPA. This organization is authorized by the Civil Aviation Administration of China to manage civil UAV drivers

Dajiang innovation has set up a new portal. In June this year, UTC huifei UAV application technology training center was established to provide training in the introduction of pilots, industry advancement and equipment maintenance. Huifei also issued another training certification system. After passing the relevant examinations, the general aviation branch of China Air Transport Association and China Adult Education Association will jointly issue the certificate of qualification for unmanned aerial vehicle system operators; Huifei Training Center issued the "student certificate"

provide financial products and services

in June this year, Jifei launched the "one click airplane" service on Alipay, taking the lead in releasing the first batch of guidelines for basic research projects and catching the fast train of the Internet platform. However, this function is limited to call service, and there is no innovation in financial functions

Dajiang innovation is playing a little big. While releasing the mg-1s agricultural plant protection machine, it announced to launch financial service solutions together with some financial institutions and Internet platforms, as well as agricultural plant protection solutions for the enterprise market. For example, it cooperates with Zhong'an insurance and "agricultural installment" to launch the installment purchase service of agricultural plant protection machine; Cooperate with the "agricultural financial circle" to provide farmers with "installment payment of plant protection services"; It also cooperates with "installment le" to provide users with interest free installment payment services of UTC huifei UAV training school

to sum up, taking full advantage of the rich reserves of rare earth resources in our city, the UAV plant protection market began to appear as a leading enterprise in the development of this year, and the business model was gradually improved. At this time, the state once again issued a document to encourage those who return to the countryside to carry out entrepreneurship and innovation in the countryside. This flag allows plant protection UAV enterprises to see a clearer entrepreneurial thinking and mode

for example, the opinions points out that modern science and technology, production methods and business concepts should be introduced into agriculture to improve agricultural quality, efficiency and competitiveness; Develop new industries, new forms and new models, and promote the integrated development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries; Simplify market access, set up a "green channel" for registration, and exempt administrative fees such as registration and licenses; Improve financial services, steadily and orderly promote the pilot of mortgage loans for the management right of rural contracted land, explore and carry out mortgage loan businesses such as agricultural facilities, agricultural machinery and biological assets, increase financial support, and include qualified personnel into the scope of existing financial support policies for agriculture, the scope of existing entrepreneurial policy support and guarantee support. We should take practical measures to support the use of electricity, and encourage people returning to the countryside to use rural collective land in the form of equity, cooperation, leasing, etc. to develop agricultural industry

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