Espco was appointed by CIP4 as the chief of JDF Pa

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ESCO was appointed by CIP4 as the chief of JDF Packaging Organization

to provide digital prepress Esko graph, the world's leading supplier of pre production products and services, has established an industry authority, ICs, which requires faster speed, higher sensitivity, better stability, less sample size, detection of micro damage or even non-destructive, remote sensing and telemetry for longer distance, more convenient use, lower cost, no pollution, etc. with its professionalism and authority in the field of packaging and printing JDF workflow, He was elected as the chief of JDF packaging working group by CIP4 organization

Lieven plettink, RD Manager of ESCO's "end-to-end" software, will serve as chairman. As an active member of CIP4 organization, Ascot realized the importance of JDF at an early stage and developed an end-to-end management workflow for commercial printing and packaging printing service providers with huge investment. The unique and innovative scope workflow environment developed by ASCO has the characteristics of clear concept, intelligent tools and more value, and integrates various fields of work and product definition, media, image and structure design, prepress, printing plate making, tool conversion and processing

the purpose of establishing this Packaging Committee is to determine the relevant JDF extension standards to meet the needs of packaging and label printing workflow, and to establish additional technical documents of packaging and label printing workflow based on JDF

CIP4 is an international association in Darmstadt, Germany, which defines worldwide industry operation standards. It brings together manufacturers, consultants and users in the printing industry and related industries. The association is committed to the automation and standardization of the whole printing industry process, especially the development and promotion of JDF standard

jdf (job definition format) is an alliance jointly initiated by Adobe, Agfa, Heidelberg and MAN Roland, based on which a new format is developed. They focus on the integration of printing process data and information of finance, accounting and MIS (Management Information System), so as to realize the computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) of the whole printing process, and the automation of the whole process of self valuation, manuscript receiving, scheduling, production, tracking, delivery, invoicing and collection. JDF Shanghai - Bayer materials technology and Shanghai chlor alkali held a signing ceremony in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. It is an important communication channel between printing and publishing. Printers and publishers need it to exchange and sort out the information of each printing work

JDF is written in XML language and is based on PPF and pjtf. The application of XML language is an important feature of JDF, because this language makes JDF easily combine the unlimited development of networking. In the format of JDF, a digital document can be established that can later contain all the relevant printing work materials. Specifically, this document has included the evaluation, the quantity of printing, what materials the customer wants to use for printing, how to typeset, how to print, how to order, the date of delivery and so on. Obviously, JDF connects the existing printing production process system with the database of the business department. Therefore, medium and heavy steel plate products are widely used throughout the whole process to achieve the goal of full automation. The process of publishing houses can also be automated by JDF. They no longer need to write annoying orders with paper and pen, but also can track the progress and problems of printing at any time

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