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Tips for using agricultural machinery in spring sowing season

the spring is coming back, the weather is getting warmer, and the preparation for spring sowing is in progress. Here, I'd like to talk with my farmer friends about some tips for using agricultural machinery before spring sowing:

I. preparation before sowing is very important: 1. Before sowing, you should carefully check the situation of the plot and be aware of it in your mind, so as to ensure the operation quality and mechanical safety. 2. Prepare enough seeds and travel: 1000mm fertilizer and vulnerable mechanical parts to avoid delaying sowing and agricultural time. 3. The seeds must be dry and clean, and must not be mixed with straw, stones and other debris, so as not to block the seed metering port and affect the sowing quality. During precision sowing, the seeds must be strictly selected and the fertilizer must be clean, otherwise the quality of sowing and fertilization will be affected. 4. Put the seeds and fertilizers in a proper position on the ground to avoid delay in adding seeds and fertilizers

second, be careful when sowing

1. Try to avoid parking when sowing, such as machinery. When it is necessary to stop, the seeder should be raised and retreated for a certain distance before sowing. When lowering the seeder, make the tractor move slowly. The seeder shall not retreat when the ditcher is buried to prevent blocking or damaging the ditcher

2. When the ground turns, the planter should be raised, the power of the seed metering device and fertilizer metering device should be cut off, and the rowing and ditching device should be raised

3. The manipulator should observe the position of the seeder at any time during operation Adjust the stretching speed to the specified value and pay special attention to whether the seed metering device discharges seeds; Whether the fertilizer ejector discharges fertilizer; Whether the seed and fertilizer pipes are blocked; Whether there is enough seed and fertilizer in the seed box and fertilizer box. Imported Custer red wine

4. After sowing a crop, we should recognize that it is the embodiment of the strong combination of scientific research institutions stationed in enterprises. We should really clean the seed box to avoid seed mixing causing seed metering failure, seed waste, and future field management difficulties and troubles. After sowing, clean the fertilizer discharge box in time to prevent corrosion of the machine

5. When sowing seeds with pesticides, the sowing personnel should wear gloves, masks, goggles and other protective tools. The remaining seeds should be handled properly in time to avoid polluting the environment and causing harm to humans and animals

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