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UAV promotes the process of agricultural mechanization

in recent years, UAV has developed rapidly. With the breakthrough and maturity of technology, and the advantages of good applicability, flexible operation, convenience and quickness of UAV, UAV has been applied in many agricultural fields, and has gradually become a new type of equipment in modern agricultural engineering, which has been widely used in modern agricultural engineering, It has further promoted the development of agricultural informatization and precision

agricultural UAV is now playing the role of sprayer in modern agricultural production.

for the current Chinese market, the actual popularity of agricultural UAV is not high, the derailment between research and practice, and the small thunder and rain point are the pain points of the domestic agricultural UAV industry, and also the stumbling block in the whole process of agricultural mechanization. The market demand for agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles is large, and the selection results of the first batch of vehicle materials "green benchmark enterprises" before the development are also announced. Under the market economy, driven by financial interests, a large number of enterprises have invested human and material resources to carry out R & D and production, and large and small enterprises have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. How to effectively meet the market and expand the market is the direction of thinking and Practice for each enterprise

the advantages of large-scale cultivation of UAVs are perfectly demonstrated.

North China industrial control has always adhered to independent research and development for more than 20 years, with the mission of promoting the deep integration of traditional industries and emerging industries, providing industry computer system solutions, and has been deeply cultivated in the core module of UAV flight control computer system for many years, and has very deep industry experience

for any intelligent product system, the control part is equivalent to the central nervous system of the brain, which plays a strategic role in the operation of the whole system; In the different modern agricultural production that determines the sensors used, the complexity of the task of the agricultural UAV increases, and the requirements for the computing speed of the control system computer are also higher, while the requirements for the miniaturization of the agricultural UAV also put forward high requirements for the power consumption and volume of the control system computer; In addition, the control system plays a central role in how to take off and land according to the manually planned route, spray at the designated place, detect and so on

application of embedded computer in agricultural UAV

at present, the core board som-6503 based on Freescale imx6 arm architecture independently developed by the company can meet the requirements of the agricultural UAV industry for flight control computer hardware system, and is competent to help the wide application of agricultural UAV

the product adopts Freescale 6 processor, 1g ddriii 800MHz memory on board, 8g inand flash, fast computing speed, high throughput, and stable operation in high traffic environment. At the same time, this core board is small in size, only 82mmx 50mm in size, which meets the volume requirements of agricultural unmanned and then continuously rising angle machine. It can be flexibly matched with various functional module cards, with high performance and low energy consumption, It has great advantages in the computer hardware core board market

based on the core board of Freescale imx6 arm architecture

developing modern agriculture and realizing the production of agricultural machinery, and building an efficient and green blueprint for the development of modern agriculture are the only way for the country to meet new challenges in the new era. With the continuous acceleration of localization and intellectualization, North China industrial control arm architecture core board som-6503 will contribute its own strength. For more product information, please pay attention to North China Industrial Control Officer:

Introduction to North China industrial control:

North China industrial control, the leader in the field of industrial control computers. Specialized in the industrial computer industry for more than 20 years, it has become a front-line leading brand with great market influence and brand appeal at home and abroad through years of development. Because of concentration, it is professional. All the time, North China industrial control adheres to the dedicated attitude and professional spirit, takes innovation as the driving force and quality as the lifeline, and has created a series of high-quality and high-tech industrial computer products

at present, the main product series of North China industrial control include: Industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, embedded quasi system, industrial chassis, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security quasi system, disk array, passive backplane, industrial power supply and industrial computer accessories, etc

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