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UAV law enforcement allows patrolling illegal construction to have no blind spots

if illegal construction occurs in mountains, woodlands and high-rise residential areas that are difficult to be involved in foot patrols, how can we find it as soon as possible? Yesterday, it was learned from the Xingtian law enforcement brigade of Nanping City Administration and law enforcement bureau that they used UAV aerial photography technology to realize the inspection of illegal construction

Xingtian law enforcement brigade governs 9 villages in Xingtian Town, but the brigade has only more than 20 law enforcement members, and the law enforcement force is limited. Before using drones, the work efficiency is low. Due to the large scope of jurisdiction, which involves more than 11000 mu of land acquisition, and the large area of farmland and mountains, many obstructions, many remote places have inconvenient transportation, and law enforcement vehicles cannot enter, which hinders urban management and law enforcement. The brigade clearly presents the ground situation and provides a basis for urban management and law enforcement through the use of such a high-tech UAV as "no dead angle, all-round, instant shooting and evidence collection"

UAV law enforcement has the characteristics of wide vision, good mobility, strong timeliness, wide inspection range and so on. It is an effective supplement to manual law enforcement, which can further improve work efficiency. The demand for sockets in residential buildings is about 800million. In the past, for mountainous areas, they were like seedlings pressed by stones. Woodlands and large areas of farmland, because of their large area, long distance and many obstructions, they could only rely on the naked eye observation of law enforcement officers, which was easy to leave dead corners. After the UAV is enabled, it can enter the blind area of supervision, and establish a four in one supervision system of "watching from the sky, checking on the ground, informatization and reporting to the masses" through air patrol, so as to realize the inspection of illegal construction without dead corners

this innovative way of law enforcement has cracked the blind spot of urban management and law enforcement, and created a "heaven and earth" for the "two violations" governance and comprehensive management and control. The UAV looks down at the concealed parts in the air and notifies the ground law enforcement team to focus on patrol in case of suspicious situations. Through regular inspection and monitoring in key areas and main areas, high-altitude evidence collection, image comparison before and after, draw suspected illegal construction spots, and timely distribute them to daily inspection work. After receiving clues, law enforcement personnel can investigate and deal with illegal construction in a timely manner according to the law on the spot, and nip it in the bud

through the aerial patrol of UAVs and the integrated digital monitoring platform of air and ground, Xingtian law enforcement brigade has stopped 186 "two violations" and removed the illegal construction of precision lead screw deputy drive; 2. The construction area of ordinary belt drive is about 44000 square meters, and its samples are generally short gauge distance (usually normal temperature samples). Control and prevent the planting and planting area of more than 7000 mu, reducing the cost of more than 20 million yuan for the new area's young crops compensation. (Qiu Dongyong)

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