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UAV, thermal imaging... Tangshan has used these "technological artifacts" for epidemic prevention and control

video source: Fengrun District Transportation Bureau liujiaying Township

UAV shouting, all-round viewing, thermal imaging temperature measurement, 3 minutes Casting quality exit, big data processing, online face-to-face, under the epidemic, technological artifact to assist, show divine power, give energy, and see, plump and build a solid scientific and technological epidemic prevention wall

technological artifact: UAV

assist strength: stand high and look far. Don't deceive me

energy index: five stars

▲ gather below, disperse, disperse, extraordinary times, understand, understand, go back, go back

in the process of epidemic prevention and control, Fengrun District innovated prevention and control methods and means, relying on modern science and technology, actively explored new prevention and control measures, and made every effort to build a strong defense line against the epidemic. In order to achieve scientific prevention and control, Fengrun District comprehensively implements the wisdom + epidemic prevention mode, and high-tech means such as big data and unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used throughout the region

dongyangjiaying village, liujiaying Township, Fengrun District, used drones to persuade the villagers who gathered and chatted on the streets of the village. Zhuwanman, the Secretary of the village Party branch, told that the village would use this drone to conduct two village wide inspections every morning and afternoon, and would immediately persuade and dredge the problems found

▲ zhuwanman, Secretary of the Party branch and director of the village committee of dongyangjiaying village, liujiaying Township, Fengrun District: combined with the current work tasks of our village and the 17 returnees in Wuhan, they are relatively serious and under great pressure. The caring people in our village provided drones, which played a certain role in our investigation

technological artifact: thermal imaging

assist strength: infrared temperature measurement speed swishing

ability index: five stars

just when I left the station, I passed the thermal imaging camera to measure my temperature, and there was basically no pause. It was very convenient to leave the station in minutes. On February 18, Mr. Zhang, who just got off the train at Tangshan north railway station, kept praising him. In order to achieve scientific prevention and control, how big can this experimental machine be tested? For this reason, Jinan Shijin Xiaobian consulted the technical personnel of the company and got the answer. They installed thermal imaging cameras at the entrances and exits of Tangshan north railway station and Fengrun bus station to realize the intelligent detection of passengers' body temperature, which improved the speed of passengers and the accuracy of body temperature measurement. Compared with other temperature measurement methods, non-contact detection can greatly reduce the probability of contact infection and play a powerful auxiliary role in epidemic prevention screening during the peak of returning passengers

technological artifact: big data

assist strength: cloud technology no longer "Looking at flowers in the fog

energy index: five stars

small QR code, sweep it in and out. Fengrun district actively promotes the use of access personnel scanning QR code for registration in epidemic prevention detection checkpoints in many township streets, administrative villages and neighborhood committees. Through access personnel scanning QR code for registration, non-contact digital control and services can be achieved, and the intelligent and digital level of epidemic prevention and control has been comprehensively improved.

at the same time Money is also basically the same.

the district market supervision bureau took the lead in introducing the sunshine smart supervision platform in the city, giving full play to the function of on-site video transmission, and carrying out network inspections on 728 catering operators, farmers' markets and drug trading enterprises that have settled on the platform, which greatly improved the supervision efficiency, staff screening efficiency and guaranteed the stability of prices

in Pozi village, liujiaying Township, cameras have been installed on all 31 roads in the village, effectively controlling the movement of personnel and vehicles. In shigezhuang Town, where most of the springs are the main components used in machinery and vehicles, dou Wanqiang, a university graduate, developed an online registration system to turn offline registration into online registration feedback, which not only improves the efficiency of information entry, but also facilitates information query and rapid statistics

technological artifact each shows its magic power

strength fast break spare no effort

protect life and health

plump, always in action

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