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The epidemic situation is an order, and prevention and control is. For the past month, we have been paying attention to the release of a vital number on the real-time epidemic every day, and we have remembered and collected another set of numbers, namely, emergency numbers

government epidemic prevention and control work

clues to epidemic prevention and control reporting

health consulting services

designated treatment hospitals

fever clinics

special for the CDC

designated service places

consular protection of consulates

emergency support of the Traffic Management Bureau of the public security department

School Emergency

street/neighborhood committee/community emergency

electricity/gas/water emergency


these emergencies are related to people's livelihood and life. In this race against time and the epidemic, the prompt equipment escorts the emergency

dual power supply, dual port redundancy

the instant equipment backs up important components and vulnerable modules, including dual power supply redundancy, dual port redundancy, master control redundancy, etc

dual machine hot standby

instant device support for primary and standby is also inseparable from the enthusiastic participation of enterprises in dual machine hot standby, and the switching time is less than 5 seconds. For emergencies with strict reliability requirements, the advanced 1+1 real-time hot standby mode can be adopted, and there is no external perception during failover (the current call/recording is not interrupted)

power failure/escape

the instant device supports both traditional PSTN lines and network-based IP lines (including ims). When the power supply, network or IP platform side fails, the equipment can quickly and automatically switch the outbound call to the local PSTN line to ensure the normal operation of voice services. It can also realize the switching of multi network platforms by connecting an external 4G USB card

multiple means to ensure that incoming calls are not missed

the Xunshi device provides multiple functions, such as No. 1 dual phone, mobile extension, CO vibration, call transfer, intelligent callback, incoming call answering group, etc., to ensure that incoming calls are not missed

every call has a recording

Xunshi equipment and supporting recording management system, which can collect and manage the recording of each pilot base to speed up the construction of agricultural machinery equipment for emergency inquiry

api docking emergency command system

what the Xunshi equipment provides is the functional characteristics of the cardboard tensile testing machine. Do you know? API interface can be connected with emergency command system, dispatching command system, call center system, power system and other systems to realize seamless connection between functions and business processes

during the epidemic prevention period, Xunshi people also stuck to their posts to escort the emergency systems using Xunshi equipment in various places

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