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Inner packaging: a necessary element of brand

when it comes to wine packaging, we think more of the outer packaging of products. In fact, both outer packaging and inner packaging are an integral part of a product. If the outer packaging shows the personality of the product by using colors, patterns and some large-scale papermaking projects under construction in Figure 1 or forced to be adjudicated, then the inner packaging shows the deep connotation of wine through shape, texture and gloss

Sichuan is the hometown of glass raw materials, with rich natural materials. Sichuan is a major wine producing province, which has attracted many people in the industry for many years. It is precisely because of these unique advantages that Sichuan's glass bottle manufacturing industry has always been in the forefront of the development of the industry. In order to fully realize the safe and smooth start-up of phase 2 project, the glass bottle manufacturing enterprises in Sichuan can be said to be the leaders in the industry, whether it is the material selection or texture of glass bottles, whether it is the design of product appearance or the exquisite workmanship of deep processing

in order to better understand the special position of inner packaging, that is, wine bottles, in product brands, we visited Chengdu Oriental Glass Co., Ltd., an advanced enterprise mainly producing medium and high-end glass bottles. During the conversation with Mr. lizuomo, the general manager, we deeply realized that the success of a brand stems from efforts in many aspects, details achieve perfection, and inner packaging is an indispensable element of the brand

reflect the product image

if the wine bottle in the 1970s is just a container for wine, then today's wine bottle, especially some high-end wine bottles, can be called a work of art. In addition to completing its basic functions, it is more about the image of the product, which is integrated with the demands of the product. The Imperial Palace tribute wine, through the refinement of royal culture, advocates the spirit of success and national pride. Its bottle design is taken from the "book of changes" and "eight trigrams". The overall shape is like the emperor's seal. The sum of the dimensions of the bottle body and the bottle width is exactly the approximate number of the circumference. All the design numbers include the meaning of the circle of heaven and earth, the sun, the moon and the stars. Therefore, when you hold the Imperial Palace tribute wine bottle, Just like "two fingers clamp everything, one palm of heaven and earth". In the process of participating in the design of the tribute wine bottle of the Forbidden City, Oriental glass company has endowed the bottle with new manufacturing technology and modern production technology, making this product look like a generation of high-quality products that can still lead the trend even a few years later

penetrate noble quality

when the national cellar 1573 comes closer and closer with time, people are more and more deeply aware of it and feel it. Its dignity and quality are not only shown in the mellow wine quality and heavy packaging, but also the best interpretation of identity and status from its wine bottle. When we asked Mr. Li whether high-end products do not need to pursue that kind of innovation in bottle design too much, He replied to us: "In the seemingly simple design, it actually reflects a pursuit of excellence and detail. Among the products we have cooperated with, it should be said that Guojiao 1573 is a kind of products with relatively high requirements for process quality. Although the appearance is very general, the requirements of products for deep processing and baking flowers are unimaginable for ordinary enterprises. So why does Guojiao 1573 always give people the feeling of being thick, stable, king style, and how many brands None of them can shake the high-end classic status of Guojiao 1573

display unique personality

the personality of products is the inevitable result of continuous innovation and development, and it is also the inevitable requirement to continuously meet the increasingly diversified needs of consumers. From the initial round wine bottle, to the later square, and then to the continuous extension and transformation based on the round and square, the personalized characteristics of the product are also slowly being supplemented and improved. Quanxing Daqu once had a singing product. When the wine bottle was opened, "Moonlight on the Spring River" slowly flowed out, which not only made people refreshing, but also further improved the brand culture. Careful people may find that the lines of the whole bottle of this product are streamlined, soft and smooth, just like the music when opening the bottle, slowly penetrating into people's hearts. It should be said that from the bottle type design to the choice of music to the color and pattern of the wine box, the cultural connotation of the product is appropriately expressed and left a deep impression on people

marks the change of the times

from ordinary materials to high white materials, and then to crystal materials. From the change of materials used in wine bottles, we can experience a change of the times. The single round bottle yellowing in the 1970s reflects the shortage of products; The high white glass materials of the 1980s can have more forms of expression; Since the 1990s, the trend of fierce market competition has accelerated the extensive use of crystal materials; In the 21st century, all kinds of advanced glass processing technologies make the products more and more exquisite, elegant and fashionable, while the application of new technologies such as flower baking, gold painting and adhesion makes the expression forms of wine bottles more diversified, enriched and personalized. It is understood that advanced laser technology has begun to rise gradually in the glass bottle manufacturing industry. I believe that with the continuous acceleration of the development of science and technology, the processing technology of this industry will also develop rapidly, and more and more new products and high-quality products will come out one after another

"in any case, as a very important part of the brand, any link of the wine bottle can not be ignored. As a close partner in the wine industry, we continue to innovate and seek more diversified services for wine enterprises, which is the goal that the company always adheres to." Li zuomo, general manager of Chengdu Oriental Glass Co., Ltd., said to us at the end of the interview

this is the era of brand. Details come from perfection. The forging process of a brand cannot be separated from the support of each detail. Its rated pressure is adjusted through the overflow valve. As a very important part of packaging, inner packaging is also an indispensable element of the brand

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