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UAV power circuit patrol workers do not have to patrol the line while cutting trees

since they began to use UAV line patrol, 10 people spent 4 hours on the line patrol task in the past, and now only 4 people can complete it in less than 2 hours. Jiang Qing is an employee of the transmission management office of Haikou Power Supply Bureau. Compared with the past line inspection, which carried a knife and walked across mountains and rivers, drone line inspection made him really feel the benefits of technology

employees of Haikou Power Supply Bureau are learning the UAV control process, photographed by Yao Qixin

UAV, circuit inspection expert

it takes less time, has low risk and high efficiency, and helps Hainan electric power transmission line fine management

Hainan electric UAV inspection of transmission line has tended to be normalized. It is understood that since the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for line inspection in 2016, more than 50 multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicles have been equipped in Haikou, Sanya, Danzhou, Qionghai, Wenchang, Wanning and other regions to carry out transmission line inspection, cultivate more than 60 operating pilots, carry out 1264 unmanned aerial vehicle operations, inspect more than 3000 transmission poles and towers, and the length of inspection line of high temperature resistance test method ga211 ⑴ 999 of fire smoke exhaust fan exceeds 1000 kilometers. Fees are mainly based on astmb800 and astmb801 standards, which are less time-consuming, low-risk and high-efficiency. Drones have inserted flying wings into the line patrol work. Shen Lihuan, correspondent Wu Zhaojing

multi angle inspection, clearing the blind area, finding faults and speeding up

Chen Junan, who has just worked for two years, was assigned to the sea as soon as he graduated. At this time, the force measuring pointer of the experimental machine quickly backed up to the power supply station of the director. Last year, Chen Junan was transferred to the UAV inspection team of the transmission Management Institute of Haikou Power Supply Bureau. In 2017, he and his colleagues went to Guangzhou for UAV training and obtained the qualification of UAV driver's license. Now, he has become the captain. He can patrol the route with drones without walking long distances or climbing poles

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