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U can u up Reza heavy machine q25 crane new product launch

u can u up Reza heavy machine q25 crane new product launch

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[Guangzhou, China] - on January 11, 2016, "German technology, leading value" Reza heavy machine q25 truck crane new product launch was grandly held in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Mr. Zhang Wei, vice president of Foton automobile group, Mr. Li Jian, director of marketing and brand of Foton automobile group, Mr. Liang Zhaowen, executive vice president of Reza heavy machinery division, Mr. Luo Peng, general manager of marketing company of Reza heavy machinery division, and nearly 100 customer representatives, dealer representatives and media friends from all over the country gathered at the scene to jointly witness the elegant demeanor of q25, a new generation of crane product of Reza heavy machinery that is excellent, reliable, energy-saving and efficient

winning quality and fulfilling commitments with action

since its launch on the market, Reza heavy truck lifting series products have won the trust of the majority of users with its advanced technology, high product reliability and developed service network. In the field of truck cranes, with the further improvement of the product line, especially the excellent achievements of a series of small and medium tonnage products in the market, it continues to lead the scientific and technological progress and product upgrading of the industry

Zhang Wei, vice president of Foton Automotive Group, delivered a speech

at this press conference, Reza heavy machinery with crane q25 had close contact with customers, dealers and the media. In his speech, Mr. Zhang Wei, vice president of Foton automobile group, said that in recent years, the industry market has continued to be depressed, and Reza heavy machinery still invested great efforts in developing new products and improving product performance. The focus of market competition points to the essence of products, and more efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly products have received more enthusiastic attention. As a leader in China's construction machinery industry, Reza heavy machinery is constantly committed to the improvement and improvement of product and service quality, and has maintained high requirements and high standards from R & D, production, manufacturing to sales and service. Q25 crane is a high-performance product model of comprehensive technological innovation and application that is efficient, reliable, practical and close to the market, aiming at customer needs

at the meeting, Mr. Wang Guojun, deputy director of the crane technology center of Reza Heavy Machinery Technology Research Institute, explained the product performance and characteristics of Reza q25 truck crane to the guests. The q25 truck crane of Reza crane has achieved "five breakthroughs" with its excellent performance, high efficiency, energy saving, stability, reliability and other characteristics. Its boom section is a U-shaped structure, and the full extension length of the boom reaches 41.2 meters, and the lifting height reaches 41.5 meters; After installing the jib, the lifting height reaches 50.2 meters, which is the highest in the industry, and the lifting performance exceeds 10% of the industry. Its dual-mode engine, top-level chassis configuration, including the industry's top-level configuration of the gold transmission system, the new large section frame design, and excellent application system realize the efficiency of customer operation and high value return

release ceremony

crane customers at the event site also spoke highly of this new "Hulk". First, the development of Reza heavy machinery is eye-catching, which not only leads the industry in terms of product technology progressiveness, but also always thinks of users; Second, the launch of q25 crane products has timely met the market demand for small and medium tonnage products, and has gradually replaced the hot-rolled steel sheet with it. Q25 crane products can improve work efficiency by 20%. If the parts are deformed and worn, 350 hours of working hours can be saved every year, and 40000 yuan can be earned every year. The new generation of money-making weapon deserves its reputation

leaders praise Reza heavy machinery products

energy conservation and efficiency improve green competitiveness

as a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, Reza heavy machinery has always provided users with the most time-saving and worry free products and services. Reza heavy machinery and Foton Daimler have been constantly integrating their networks, opening up the integrated service network of top loading and chassis. There are 1100 service stations, more than 1000 service engineers and 30 provincial parts supply centers across the country. Vehicle problems are solved one-stop. Users of Reza heavy machinery products enjoy 24-hour "one-to-one" exclusive "Butler" service

the release of energy-saving and efficient truck crane is not only a new upgrade of lifting machinery products, but also responsible for users nationwide who pay attention to the development of Reza crane. As a national invention patent, its industry's first engine power adaptive matching technology and chassis power matching optimization technology realize the optimal power energy-saving mode under driving conditions through integrated research and development, and the fuel consumption is 10% less than that of similar products in the market

Mr. Zhang Wei stressed that green development has become the theme of social development. Reza heavy machinery firmly grasps the market demand of China's lifting machinery, excavates customer demand in the face of new trends, deeply improves product value, enables users to benefit from it, and uses the power of products to promote the development of China's engineering machinery industry. Energy conservation and emission reduction have become the strategic choice for Reza heavy machinery to improve the core competitiveness of its products. This new product promotes energy conservation and emission reduction, which is also the specific embodiment of Reza heavy machinery's adherence to the core values of sustainable development

From R & D, manufacturing, production to service, Reza heavy machinery gives full play to its own advantages, constantly increases innovation, saves resources and protects the environment, and runs through the concept of green and environmental protection in the products and in the process of product realization. It has successfully won orders from hundreds of customers for social finance. It continues to launch new products and technologies to lead the development of the industry


at present, China has entered the development stage of innovation and independent research and development. Relying on the strong "golden value chain" of vertical integration, Reza heavy machinery has successfully realized the integration of the value chain, and has become the backbone of China's construction machinery industry, contributing to China's use of Internet and big data capabilities to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the revitalization of industry and "made in China 2025". To overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties, we can show our heroism. Reza heavy machinery is more like a scientific research pioneer and a pioneer of reform and innovation. It is committed to filling the gap in the industry, taking the sustainable development of the industry as its own responsibility, and injecting continuous positive energy into the Chinese market! We look forward to the perfect market performance of Reza q25 truck crane, and also look forward to bringing better products to the Chinese market

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