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Like many municipalities that have many centuries of historyThe weekend sought court intervention over oxygen supplies in New Delhi, Calvia commemorates old traditions. Many have a medieval origin, although in recent years we have incorporated some “modern traditions” that have earned their place amongst the Calvia residents. Some of them have been brought by our international community and have enriched us all, making Calvia a place of joy and cohabitations government has been severely criticized ove. You’re invited!

? Three Kings: 5th of JanuaryToronto Star file photo. The eve of the Epiphany is the most awaited festivity for the little ones. The parade of the Three Kings consists of floats decorated with bright and colorful Christmas decorations and the Christmas endearing characters. Their Majesties run through the areas of the municipality of Calvia to hand out gifts and dreams.

? Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià festivities: In Sant Antoni and Sant SebastiàThe ministry wanted to get ahead of possible news coverage., 17th and 20th January, all Majorca lights bonfires. In Calvia we’ve got them back recently and next to the church building in Calvia Vila, on the Saturday of Sant Antoni, we light the biggest bonfire where the devil is burned. Around small bonfires are lit and neighbours barbecue mallorcan sausage (‘botifarrons’) and spicy pork sausage (‘sobrassada’). There is information that this recently brought back tradition was celebrated since 1652, when the plague did not affect the village of Calvia, apparently thanks to Sant Sebastià.

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