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The investigation of the abandonment of the donation box in the Wenchuan earthquake has not yet yielded results

to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data; Beijing, December 26 (Intern taowangbo Li) on December 25, the people's "Chengdu Red Cross broke the news" released information that after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the street fund-raising box set up by the Chengdu Red Cross was unattended, resulting in the damage of the fund-raising box, and the donations in the box were even "hairy". Today, the Red Cross Society of China said in an interview with China Youth Daily that there is no specific investigation result at that time, but the results will be announced as soon as possible after the investigation. The Red Cross Society of China will issue an emergency notice to conduct nationwide investigation to prevent such incidents from happening again

in the "notice on setting up Red Cross video donation boxes in a unified and standardized manner in the city" provided by "Chengdu Red Cross disclosure", Chengdu Red Cross will set up 1000 Red Cross video donation boxes in the city. According to the report at that time, such a fund-raising box "has its own electronic display screen, which can broadcast the post Wenchuan earthquake reconstruction propaganda film", and will cover "all communities and streets in the city center". Willing to create a new situation for the cause of polyurethane insulation materials in China

this activity aimed at "exploring and establishing a long-term mechanism for social fund-raising" did not last long. Since the beginning of 2009, the setting of donation boxes has basically stopped, and the original target of 1000 units has not been reached. In an interview with the media, Mr. Wei, the head of maisheng company, which funded the manufacture of the donation boxes at that time, said that some of the donation boxes were damaged and some were stolen. Finally, more than 500 were abandoned in the warehouse. However, the project was suspended after only half a year.

some of the donation boxes photographed by the "Chengdu Red Cross revelations" were full of dust, with some white hairs attached to the donations, and some of them even rotted. "Chengdu Red will disclose information in the field of smart cables," said, "investors and site owners have repeatedly reported to the Red Cross, but none of them paid attention."

in an interview with China Youth Daily on the afternoon of December 26, the Chengdu Red Cross Society said, "we are currently verifying and investigating, but the current progress of the investigation is not clear." As for when to officially respond and publish the survey results, the Chengdu Red Cross did not give a specific time

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