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Investigation of heavy oil vehicles: the durability of demand upgrading is the first

investigation of heavy oil vehicles: the durability of oxidation grade of sealing rings caused by the long-term use of demand upgrading is the first

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in order to meet the needs of daily oil exploration and development work, special oil vehicles are gradually being upgraded and upgraded, and imported vehicles are replaced by domestic heavy trucks. According to the author's investigation, most of the vehicles refitted by Liaohe oilfield special vehicle factory, Daqing oilfield special vehicle Refitting Factory, Bohai oil equipment special vehicle Refitting Factory and other enterprises this year are domestic commercial vehicles, whose performance can meet the production needs, but also reduce the vehicle procurement cost

"although the performance of domestic independent brand trucks at present meets the needs of domestic users, this is not equal to advanced." Zhou Wei, deputy manager of Jilin Oilfield transportation company, believes that "foreign advanced trucks cannot completely match domestic logistics demand, because the demand of domestic truck users is relatively low."

piaochunshan, deputy manager of Daqing Refining and chemical transportation company, also holds the same view. He said that with the continuous optimization of the oil exploration environment, the demand for trucks will continue to increase. With a "high demand" market, the technical level, comfort and safety performance of domestic trucks will also continue to upgrade

oil companies focus on durability

in oil production areas, oil tank trucks, workover trucks, cementing trucks, etc. have become the main special vehicles for oil production. With the tight production tasks, the demand for special vehicles will also increase. In the investigation, the author found that the products of China heavy truck, North Benz, Foton Auman, Shaanxi heavy truck, etc. have been steadily increasing in the oil system. In terms of Xinjiang Oilfield, Qinghai Oilfield, Tarim Oilfield, Daqing Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield, Liaohe Oilfield and southwest oil and gas field, the heavy vehicles purchased last year alone accounted for 21% of motor vehicles

the author focused on the investigation of Changqing Oilfield transportation company with relatively concentrated heavy vehicles. The company has more than 3000 heavy-duty vehicles, mainly from Shaanxi heavy truck, China heavy truck, North Benz, Futian Auman and other vehicle enterprises, and some of them are used as exploration and development production vehicles to travel in gullies, mountains, grasslands and other areas all year round. Changqing Oilfield transportation company has strict regulations on the use and maintenance of vehicles, so the failure rate of vehicles is not too high. Many heavy vehicles over 8 years old are still in use, and some vehicles have a mountain mileage of more than 500000 kilometers. The author sees that many vehicle components still operate normally and have good performance

the author learned from the relevant person in charge of materials and equipment that from the perspective of models, oil users believe that the heavy vehicles produced by China heavy truck, Shaanxi heavy truck, Foton Auman and Northern Benz have good bearing performance, while the medium-sized trucks produced by FAW Jiefang and FAW Dongfeng have relatively poor bearing capacity. Jac automobile, Hongyan Automobile and Liuqi automobile are also used by oil companies, but users report that their riding space and comfort are not as good as that of China National Heavy Duty Truck

from the perspective of material supply channels, 213 external windows, skylights, doors and curtain wall petroleum systems adopt a strict bidding procurement system for the bulk purchase of vehicles, and implement centralized procurement, decentralized implementation and other methods. Qualified Chinese heavy truck dealers have done well, while the supply channels of imported vehicles have not performed well

from the current situation of oil pavement construction, there are not too many grade highways, potholes everywhere, coupled with muddy roads in summer and ice and snow roads in winter, which puts forward higher requirements for the performance of heavy vehicles. According to the users, we will reply to you as soon as possible! Tian Ouman's engine torque is large, and the chassis is strong, which is outstanding compared with other heavy vehicles. In addition, as long as it is maintained in time, the failure rate is very low, and the moderate price has become the first choice for oil users

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