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Introduction domestic sheet fed multi-color offset printing machines are on the road of digitalization.

numerical control technology is widely used in machine tools and robot products. Servo technology and corresponding drive systems and operating systems have achieved FANUC in Japan and Siemens in Germany. China has more than five degrees of freedom of high-end numerical control equipment, and numerical control systems mainly rely on imports. After years of efforts, enterprises such as central China CNC in Hubei, knd CNC in Beijing and aerospace CNC have emerged in China. Simple CNC systems have been localized, but these CNC systems mainly serve machine tools and other products. CNC systems for printing equipment, that is, independent drive systems, still rely on foreign enterprises. With the improvement of scientific and technological level, the independent drive system of sheet fed multicolor offset press will continue to develop. It is hoped that NC system manufacturers will enter the field of printing equipment manufacturing as soon as possible

1. Independent drive technology

only the ink system of domestic sheet fed offset press adopts independent drive technology, including ink discharge roller, water discharge roller, ink color remote control, paper prefabrication and other functions to realize digitization. Continued expansion is the direction of technological innovation. There are already supporting facilities in China. Since the first half of this year, enterprises have begun to manufacture independently driven paper conveyors, and a few enterprises are also manufacturing sheet fed offset printing machines separated from paper conveyors. In recent domestic exhibitions, several enterprises can manufacture online UV glazing and drying equipment

the next step of digital transformation of sheet fed offset press is to realize the digitization of the equipment settings first, such as the separation of the functions of paper feeder, inking and water outlet from the main movement, and then further solve the servo control of paper prefabrication, ink color remote control, automatic registration and other functions, so that the information of prepress plate making can enter the printer through the digital interface to complete the automatic adjustment of information. The independent drive of non side gauge technology, printing roller and paper transfer process is a major innovation of foreign enterprises. We still have some difficulties in entering, but we should believe that this technology is the direction of development, and qualified enterprises should boldly innovate independently

2. Digital interface

most domestic manufacturing enterprises of sheet fed multicolor offset printing machines have not set up digital interfaces, and the prepress plate making information needs to be adjusted and set manually, which not only takes up a lot of auxiliary time, but also brings errors of adjustment and ink restoration. At present, the functions that the machine urgently needs to solve include the automatic paper adjustment function, including the paper feeder, the paper receiving machine, the paper gripper, the paper prefabrication of the front stop gauge, the automatic adjustment function of ink restoration, etc. only with these functions, the digital interface is meaningful. Therefore, setting up digital interface should be a top priority. Of course, while completing the hardware design, we also need to complete the software design. Using RIP software to make prepress and printing compatible with each other, so that the prepress plate making information can be quickly input into the printer, and the repeated adjustment time and adjustment error can be omitted

at the exhibition in Dongguan, Guangdong, new progress has been made in the setting of digital functions of sheet fed multi-color offset printing machines. The 1020mm four-color sheet fed offset printing machine manufactured by Jiangsu Changsheng has been equipped with digital interfaces and paper prefabrication systems, which can transmit prepress plate making information to printing equipment, reduce the adjustment links of printing machines, and become the first enterprise to digitally transform traditional equipment

3. Implement the international standard

the digital integrated scheme launched by Weifang Huaguang precision equipment Co., Ltd. has achieved data sharing and centralized control of desktop system output equipment CTP direct plate making equipment ink color remote control and other processes, greatly shortening the printing cycle and improving the printing efficiency and quality. They also realize the functions of automatic plate loading, automatic blanket washing, plate diagonal adjustment and so on on on the newly designed machine, Further improve the automation level of the equipment. Other enterprises began to install paper presetting systems and digital interfaces, and began to apply digital integrated file formats such as CIP3, CIP4, JDF, etc., but the digital connection with post press has not been realized, and the automation and digitization of the printing process still account for 6% of China's total extruder exports

compared with the digital level of foreign offset printing machines, there is a large gap in the application of digital technology in China. The direction of digital development has been shown above. However, this contrast is still in the stage of relying on imitation development, of course, this is not enough. Independent innovation in the digitization of offset press will become our focus, otherwise we will never catch up with the advanced level of foreign countries, and independent innovation can be surpassed in the following aspects

1. Continue to expand the adaptability of web offset press

the digital transformation of web offset press is relatively successful. The transmission of equipment has fully realized independent drive, and industrialization should become the focus of development in the future. The setting, operation, parameter display, operation status and fault display of printing equipment have been digitalized, and improving the stability and reliability is the development goal. There are successful precedents in the operations of automatic version loading, paper roll conveying, automatic paper receiving, residual paper roll output, centralized ink supply, centralized lubrication, online advertising inserts, packaging and baling, which should be expanded according to the needs of users. For the mass printing market, web offset press is the most promising printing equipment. In addition to newspapers, books and periodicals, it adapts to the development of commercial printing and is the key direction of digital transformation. However, China's commercial web offset press is still in the stage of small batch production and sales. So far, it only overcomes the traditional DC speed regulation mode and replaces it with frequency conversion speed regulation. The independent drive mode of the main drive has not been realized, while the narrow web offset press has realized independent drive technology and digital transformation. In addition, newspapers, magazines and books are double-sided printing, and packaging printing is mainly single-sided printing. To adapt to the composite after printing of packaged products, commercial web offset printing machines are required to realize the requirements of single-sided color printing. At the same time, the equipment is also required to have the function of cutting single sheet paper or rewinding paper, so as to expand the scope of adaptation. If we can enter the packaging and printing industry, the market of commercial web offset printing machines will be greatly expanded, This is also the direction of independent innovation of web offset press in China

2. Thinking about the product innovation of sheet fed offset press

the independent innovation of sheet fed offset press can be learned from three aspects: first, transform the application of foreign equipment in the independent drive technology, realize the separation of the movement of the paper feeder and the host, the independent drive of the printing drum, cancel the two side pull gauges, realize the detection and positioning and servo adjustment, and realize the prefabrication of paper, ink volume and water volume. Second, the independent innovation of large format flexographic printing has been successfully trial produced by two enterprises. This kind of equipment adopts the satellite roller arrangement structure and adopts independent drive to realize multi-color printing, which not only shortens the printing paper path and accurately overprints, but also greatly reduces the floor area. However, the size of the satellite roller is very large, and there are difficulties in machining. Gaobao 520mm satellite multicolor printing machine adopts satellite imprinting cylinder and a new type of corrugated roller for quantitative ink supply. This equipment has been completely driven independently and can also be the choice of sheet fed printing machine. Third, the sheet fed offset printing machine with independent drive technology will be developed successfully. I hope that Chinese enterprises can create their own development path and take another big step to achieve the success of independent innovation

3. Join and learn from foreign digital workflow

in 1995, 26 prepress, printing and post press enterprises in the world jointly established the International Cooperation Organization for computer control of prepress, printing and post press process (CIP3). The main objective of the organization is to study and formulate a standard format to improve print quality, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency with digital process flow. In the process of printing, CIP3 realizes the control of paper size, ink volume, registration and color quality on the printing machine, and realizes the control of cutting and binding of printed matter by passing cutting and binding parameters and information after printing

at the beginning of 1999, Heidelberg, Manroland, Agfa and adobe organized by CIP3 established the JDF alliance and reached an agreement with the original CIP3 alliance. CIP3 was changed to CIP4. The appearance of JDF format automates the whole process of printing data. It not only promotes the transition from CIP3 to CIP4, but also expands the scope of integration more clearly to the pre press, printing and post press fields of the reverberation chamber method sound absorption coefficient measurement specification GBJ 47 (8) 3

digital process flow is the direction of the development of printing automation. The equipment adjustment of the whole process of printing from plate making to printing, and then to post printing processing has common information. This information flow represents the digital level. Foreign countries have linked the equipment of the printing process through file format standards such as CIP3, CIP4, JDF, etc., and these printing information realizes the automatic adjustment of the equipment through digital interfaces, To greatly improve the printing efficiency, China should join this alliance as soon as possible and speed up the process of comprehensive digitization

the competition between offset printing machines and emerging plate free digital printing equipment is mainly reflected in the field of short version printing. With the deepening of market economy, short version printing will show a rapid growth trend, and its competitive advantage will gradually be widely recognized. Through digital innovation, offset printing machine, which continues to maintain the advantages of mass printing market, is named kedihua. At the same time, the equipment suitable for short edition printing should also develop rapidly. There will be a certain market for the continuous innovation of machine-made digital printing machine in reducing equipment price, improving printing efficiency and reducing printing cost. Chinese enterprises should also enter this field and make their own efforts for the development of this kind of equipment

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