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Ladies of the Garden

HENS: these lovely ladies are a joy to watch in the garden, they are very funny and also quite helpful. We have 9 hens and 8 eggs everyday! Supposedly hens do not lay every day but more like every 32hrs or so. Apparently ours didn’t get that message and mostly lay an egg every day. They have funny habits our ladies, despite having three smaller laying boxes they prefer to group together and lay their eggs all in one nest and so just occasionally an egg gets broken as its thrown out! Its good to know that they are all getting on though as they are from 3 different ‘batches’.

We haven’t always kept hens, this is a new experience for us in the last few years and there are quite a few things to learn, for instance you cannot just get new hens and introduce them straight into a flock. Apart from keeping them seperate to slowly get them used to each other, this also ensures you don’t introduce diseases. We also discovered that the easiest way after their ‘quarantine’ to intoduce them to the existing coop is to move them on a night time when the rest are all settled. Hens cannot see in the dark and thus once placed in situ, won’t leave until the morningbased upon their symptoms.

It only took a few nights of this to get them used to going straight in there at dusk. It doesn’t matter where they are in the garden:1618606802243,, as the sun goes down the hens move closer to their coop until one by one they go ins start having these conversations,. Once in there, they jostle about clucking loudly until each has her own place. Apparently Hens only see out of one side of their heads at a time and it is common when sleeping in a line, for the two hens at either end to only close their ‘inside’ eye and rest that side of their brain. They will then turn around and shut the other eye to rest the other side, meanwhile those in the middle of the line sleep in peace knowing that the outer two are keeping watch! I’m assuming thats all to do with the pecking orderToday News Post || Latest News || World News || EU Today || Health || Tech News || Education News

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